Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hangout Indusitres

Hangout Industries's is a 3D social browser game targeting young audiences, which transports them from current social network( facebook, myspace) to a whole new level of experience. I developed virtual whiteboard, ambient sound system, real time asset color changing, object nudging as gameplay programmer. Unfortunately, the original is not accessible at this moment, so I grabbed a few old pictures to give you the general idea of the game.
1. My friend Jan's avatar just shows up in my room.
2. Decide to watch some "tv" with Jan, so I turned it on which brings me to a youtube searching menu.
3. Let's watch some boring physics demo :)
4. Everything in the room has physics and is interactive. You can play foosball with your friends, play some mini games on virtual arcade machine, shop online on the virtual computer in the game ( complicated concept hun? :-T ).

Everything I worked on was in C#, Unity Engine.

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