Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is a title me and three other buddies are working on now :)
mac/PC platform, C#, Unity Engine, Medieval theme, intriguing stories taking place in a dark dim tavern, mysterious customers who bring you sustaining cash and clues leading to the truth, real experience of creating and serving yummy food and drink.....hmmm

Above are a screen shot and one character's color concept. I work as producer, programmer and partial designer in this pure indie game.

3D Game Supple

This is a sim style 3D PC game that I was in charge when working at NFusion Interactive. The core AI was implemented by another company, and I was in charge of writing all the in game modules and functionality using company's in-house engine. I got so much valuable experience through starting a game from scratch, and researching for solutions when the available tools are not supporting enough features.
The game was coded in C++.

Episode Two is not officially released yet. You can check out the first episode at its website:

Hangout Indusitres

Hangout Industries's is a 3D social browser game targeting young audiences, which transports them from current social network( facebook, myspace) to a whole new level of experience. I developed virtual whiteboard, ambient sound system, real time asset color changing, object nudging as gameplay programmer. Unfortunately, the original is not accessible at this moment, so I grabbed a few old pictures to give you the general idea of the game.
1. My friend Jan's avatar just shows up in my room.
2. Decide to watch some "tv" with Jan, so I turned it on which brings me to a youtube searching menu.
3. Let's watch some boring physics demo :)
4. Everything in the room has physics and is interactive. You can play foosball with your friends, play some mini games on virtual arcade machine, shop online on the virtual computer in the game ( complicated concept hun? :-T ).

Everything I worked on was in C#, Unity Engine.

Maya plugin -- V.A.S.T.

V.A.S.T. represents Virtual Aquarium Simulation Tool. The tool enables artists to create an aquarium with real time fish animations and behaviors, and bubble movement with a few clicks.

The first video explains in detail about how to use this tool, and the second one shows a short rendered demo.

Here is the usage demo:


This is the rendered animation demo using V.A.S.T.


Maya Plugin -- V.A.S.T. rendering

This is a picture rendered showing how an aquarium looks like when using V.A.S.T.

Rigidbody Dynamics

This is a physics system I created dealing with cubes and balls, implemented in C++.

Various 2D/3D applications, ray tracer


This demo above shows the rendering of bunch of 2D and 3D simulations I made at school. From simple curve editor to complicated cloth simulation.

Ray tracer:

Another school project I made was a 3D scene editor with ray tracer. User places and manipulates objects that can be either openGL primitives, meshes, or obj files in the scene, when satisfied, press the ray tracing button and wait, a rendered picture will show up in a separate window.
Here is an example:
Ray tracing rendering

Here are some of my 3D modelings

Yes! besides programming, I am also a big fan of 3D modeling. Maybe the work is not as elegant as professional modeling artist, but hey, the enthusiasm is there. For the piano, I spent 2 weeks from finding references till completion. As for the female model, it took me 2 months! ( well with bunch of other coursework at the same time )
In my opinion, 3D modeling is just so fun and satisfying. Want an LV bag but cannot afford? Want a dream piano that has all the fancy colored strings that never exist? ( I also had the crazy idea of rigging all the strings and code them correspond to different notes and play the piano virtually in a most realistic way ) It can always go way beyond imagination and bring you to this fancy beautiful world you never know you may arrive one day.